1: 1. Xeriscaping: Use drought-resistant plants to reduce water usage. 2. Succulent Gardens: Create a stunning, low-maintenance landscape. 3. Rain Gardens: Capture and store rainwater for your plants. 4. Pervious Pavers: Allow water to soak into the ground.

2: 5. Drip Irrigation: Efficiently water your plants at their roots. 6. Artificial Turf: Enjoy a lush lawn without the water waste. 7. Rock Gardens: Add texture and interest to your yard. 8. Mulch: Retain moisture and suppress weeds in flower beds.

3: 9. Native Plants: Thrive in your local climate with ease. 10. Terraced Gardens: Control water flow and add visual interest. 11. Greywater System: Recycle household water for your landscape. 12. Drought-Tolerant Trees: Provide shade and beauty with less water.

4: 13. Vertical Gardens: Save space and water with a vertical design. 14. Hydroponic Gardens: Grow plants without soil for water savings. 15. Permeable Pathways: Reduce runoff and water your plants. 16. Solar-Powered Fountains: Add a water feature with minimal maintenance.

5: 17. Raised Garden Beds: Manage water usage and soil quality. 18. Edible Landscaping: Grow food while conserving water. 19. Smart Irrigation Systems: Control watering with precision technology. 20. Herb Spiral: Plant herbs in a spiral design for easy care.

6: 21. Bioswales: Filter water and reduce runoff in your landscape. 22. Butterfly Gardens: Attract pollinators with colorful, water-wise plants. 23. Hardscaping: Balance plants and non-plant elements for low water needs. 24. Seasonal Color: Choose drought-tolerant flowers for a pop of color.

7: 25. Planting Zones: Use plants that thrive in your specific climate. 26. Cottage Gardens: Create a charming, water-wise oasis. 27. Succulent Wreaths: Decorate your front door with a living wreath. 28. Drip Line: Water plants directly at their roots for efficiency.

8: 29. Gravel Paths: Add texture and limit water usage in your yard. 30. Swales: Create natural water collection areas for your plants. 31. Mediterranean Plants: Choose species that thrive in arid conditions. 32. Vegetable Container Gardens: Grow produce with minimal water.

9: 33. Drought-Resistant Shrubs: Add structure and color to your landscape. 34. Zen Gardens: Create a tranquil, low-water space for relaxation. 35. Tiered Planters: Save space and water with a tiered design.