1: Myth - Woodland gardens require high maintenance. Debunked - Once established, they thrive with minimal care.

2: Myth - Shade plants are boring. Debunked - Ferns, hostas, and astilbe offer a variety of textures and colors.

3: Myth - Woodland gardens attract pests. Debunked - Proper care and planning can minimize pest issues.

4: Myth - Only native plants belong in woodland gardens. Debunked - Non-natives can thrive if well-suited to the environment.

5: Myth - Woodland gardens are only for shady areas. Debunked - Some plants can tolerate dappled light or even full sun.

6: Myth - Woodland gardens are not suitable for small spaces. Debunked - Containers and vertical gardening can work in limited areas.

7: Myth - Woodland gardens lack color. Debunked - Blooming plants like azaleas and hydrangeas bring vibrant hues.

8: Myth - Woodland gardens are expensive to create. Debunked - Starting small and adding over time can keep costs down.

9: Myth - Woodland gardens are high-water users. Debunked - Proper soil preparation can help retain moisture efficiently.