1: Avoid overcrowding plants Allowing enough space for growth is key in creating a balanced outdoor landscape design.

2: Ignoring maintenance needs Consider the time and effort required to upkeep your landscaping features for long-term success.

3: Forgetting about lighting Proper outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your landscaping and adds functionality.

4: Neglecting hardscape balance Find the right mix of hardscape elements to complement your plants and create visual interest.

5: Skipping a focal point Every landscape design should have a focal point to draw the eye and anchor the space.

6: Ignoring your climate Choose plants and materials that are suitable for your specific climate to ensure longevity.

7: Lack of proper drainage Poor drainage can lead to water damage and plant health issues in your landscaping.

8: Overcomplicating design Keeping your outdoor landscaping design simple and cohesive can have a bigger impact than trying to do too much.

9: Not planning for growth Consider how your plants and features will look as they mature to avoid overcrowding and maintenance issues.