1: Discover the beauty of Hybrid Tea Roses, perfect for growing in a variety of regions.

2: Climbing Roses are ideal for regions with ample sunlight and space for vertical growth.

3: Explore the versatility of Floribunda Roses, known for their vibrant blooms and adaptability to different climates.

4: Knock Out Roses are a popular choice for regions with hot summers and cold winters, thanks to their hardy nature.

5: Antique Roses bring a touch of nostalgia to gardens in regions with mild climates and rich soil.

6: Miniature Roses are perfect for small spaces in cooler regions, with their dainty blooms and compact growth.

7: Rugosa Roses thrive in coastal regions with salty air and sandy soil, adding a touch of beauty to seaside gardens.

8: English Roses combine old-world charm and modern-day resilience, making them a popular choice for various regions.

9: Wild Roses add a natural touch to gardens in wildflower regions, attracting native pollinators and showcasing effortless beauty.