1: Introduction to Hummingbirds Discover the beauty and vulnerability of hummingbirds, facing threats from habitat loss and climate change.

2: Habitat Destruction Deforestation and urban development are depriving hummingbirds of essential nesting and foraging sites.

3: Climate Change Impact Rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns disrupt the delicate balance of hummingbird ecosystems.

4: Pesticide Use Toxic chemicals in pesticides can harm hummingbirds and contaminate their food sources.

5: Predation Natural predators like snakes, birds, and even domestic cats pose a constant threat to hummingbirds.

6: Pollution Air and water pollution can have devastating effects on hummingbirds and their fragile habitats.

7: Invasive Species Non-native plants and animals compete with hummingbirds for resources, disrupting their food supply.

8: Human Interference Feeding hummingbirds unnatural nectar solutions and improperly placed feeders can harm these delicate creatures.

9: Conservation Efforts Learn how you can help protect hummingbirds by supporting habitat conservation and responsible feeding practices.