1: "DIY Birdhouse - Help kids build and paint a birdhouse for the garden."

2: "Fairy Garden - Create a magical fairy garden using small plants and mini accessories."

3: "Rock Painting - Decorate rocks with colorful designs to add a personal touch."

4: "Vegetable Garden - Grow veggies together, teaching kids about gardening and healthy eating."

5: "Sensory Garden - Plant herbs and flowers to engage all senses in the garden."

6: "Stepping Stones - Make personalized stepping stones with handprints or decorations."

7: "Bug Hotel - Build a hotel for bugs using twigs, leaves, and other natural materials."

8: "Painted Flower Pots - Get creative with kids painting flower pots for the garden."

9: "Nature Scavenger Hunt - Explore the garden with a fun scavenger hunt for kids."