1: "Xeriscaping: Use native plants and gravel to create a drought-tolerant landscape."

2: "Rainwater Harvesting: Collect rainwater in barrels to irrigate your garden efficiently."

3: "Drip Irrigation: Save water by delivering it directly to plant roots."

4: "Artificial Turf: Enjoy a lush lawn without the need for constant watering."

5: "Mulching: Retain moisture in the soil and prevent evaporation."

6: "Rock Gardens: Create a low-maintenance landscape with rocks and drought-resistant plants."

7: "Succulent Garden: Plant a variety of succulents for a colorful and water-wise display."

8: "Vertical Gardening: Use trellises and hanging planters to maximize space and water usage."

9: "Smart Landscaping Design: Plan your yard to minimize water usage and maintenance."