1: "Discover the top flowering shrubs for year-round beauty in your front yard. From fragrant lilacs to vibrant azaleas, these plants will add color and interest."

2: "Hydrangeas are a popular choice for their large blooms and easy maintenance. Pair them with evergreen shrubs for year-round appeal in your landscaping."

3: "Roses are always a classic choice and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Mix and match different varieties to create a stunning front yard display."

4: "Forsythia is an early bloomer that adds a pop of yellow to your front yard in early spring. Pair it with spring bulbs for a striking seasonal display."

5: "Butterfly bush attracts pollinators with its fragrant blooms and vibrant colors. Plant it in a sunny spot for maximum impact in your front yard."

6: "Lilacs are beloved for their sweet fragrance and beautiful blooms. Plant them near a window or outdoor seating area to enjoy their scent all season long."

7: "Weigela is a versatile shrub that comes in a range of colors, from pink to red to yellow. It's easy to care for and adds interest to any front yard."

8: "Spirea is a low-maintenance shrub that blooms in spring and summer. Its delicate flowers and colorful foliage make it a standout in any front yard."

9: "Azaleas are a popular choice for their bright blooms and evergreen foliage. Plant them in clusters for a stunning display that lasts all year long."