1: "Create a stunning formal garden with these top plants for color and structure."

2: "Achieve a classic look with roses, hydrangeas, and boxwood in your colorful garden."

3: "Add drama with elegant tulips, lilies, and delphiniums for a formal touch."

4: "Impress visitors with vibrant dahlias, peonies, and irises in your garden design."

5: "Enhance symmetry with alliums, phlox, and snapdragons in your colorful plant selection."

6: "Maintain order with neat rows of petunias, marigolds, and salvias for a formal look."

7: "Incorporate structure with hedges of yew, privet, and laurel for a sophisticated garden."

8: "Bring depth with fuchsia, verbena, and agapanthus to add interest to your design."

9: "Complete your formal garden with coordinating colors and textures for a cohesive finish."