1: Enhance your cottage garden with these thriving shrubs that add charm and beauty to your space.

2: Discover the best shrubs for cottage gardens, such as hydrangeas, roses, and lilacs.

3: Create a picturesque landscape with versatile shrubs like viburnum, spirea, and weigela.

4: Add texture and color to your garden with perennial shrubs like butterfly bush and rhododendron.

5: Brighten up your cottage garden with fragrant and colorful shrubs like mock orange and lavender.

6: Achieve a whimsical cottage garden look with flowering shrubs such as forsythia and peony.

7: Explore low-maintenance shrubs like boxwood, juniper, and yew for a classic cottage garden style.

8: Incorporate native shrubs like serviceberry and ninebark for a sustainable and wildlife-friendly garden.

9: Complete your cottage garden with drought-tolerant shrubs like potentilla and beautyberry for year-round beauty.