1: Discover the top shrubs for perfect foundation planting. Create a stunning landscape with these must-have varieties.

2: Azaleas add vibrant color to your foundation beds. Choose from a range of hues for a show-stopping display.

3: Boxwoods are classic choices for year-round greenery. Their versatility makes them a timeless option for any home.

4: Hydrangeas offer beautiful blooms and lush foliage. Create a romantic look with these elegant shrubs in your foundation planting.

5: Rhododendrons bring a burst of color to your landscape. Choose from a variety of sizes and shades for a customized look.

6: Lavender provides a fragrant addition to your foundation planting. These easy-to-grow shrubs attract pollinators and add a touch of whimsy.

7: Spiraeas offer delicate flowers and graceful foliage. Mix and match different varieties for a dynamic foundation planting design.

8: Forsythias bring early spring blooms to your garden. Add a pop of yellow color to your foundation planting for a cheerful look.

9: Dwarf Alberta Spruces provide a compact option for foundation planting. Their unique shape adds interest and structure to your landscape.