1: "Introducing the Best Shrubs for Year-Round Color! Discover vibrant options to keep your garden beautiful in every season."

2: "Firebush: Bring bold reds and oranges to your landscape with this tropical favorite. Perfect for adding a pop of color."

3: "Bluebeard: Stunning blue blooms in late summer through fall. Easy to care for and attracts pollinators to your garden."

4: "Witch Hazel: Delicate yellow flowers in late winter/early spring. A unique and fragrant addition to any garden."

5: "Forsythia: Bright yellow flowers in early spring. A classic choice for adding a burst of color to your landscape."

6: "Japanese Pieris: Red or pink flowers in spring, followed by colorful new growth. A versatile shrub for any yard."

7: "Barberry: Vibrant red, purple, or orange foliage in spring and fall. A low-maintenance shrub with year-round interest."

8: "Weigela: Bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink and red in late spring. Easy to grow and a favorite of hummingbirds."

9: "Loropetalum: Pink or purple fringe-like flowers in spring, with burgundy foliage year-round. A show-stopping shrub option."