1: Christen Harper stuns in yellow two-piece at Miami Swim Week. Her captivating smile lights up the runway.

2: The IttyBitty swimsuit perfectly complements Christen Harper's bronzed skin and toned figure. She exudes confidence and elegance.

3: The bright yellow color pops against the blue Miami backdrop. Christen Harper radiates sunshine and summer vibes.

4: Christen Harper's beach waves and minimal makeup create a natural and effortless look. She is the epitome of beach beauty.

5: The IttyBitty yellow two-piece accentuates Christen Harper's long legs and hourglass silhouette. She commands attention on the catwalk.

6: Christen Harper's infectious energy and charisma shine through as she struts down the runway. She is a natural-born model.

7: The yellow two-piece reflects Christen Harper's vibrant personality and zest for life. She is a true beach goddess.

8: Christen Harper's flawless walk and confident poses make her a standout at Miami Swim Week. She is a vision of summer.

9: With her IttyBitty yellow two-piece, Christen Harper proves that less is more. She is a timeless beauty in the world of swimwear fashion.