1: Transform your yard with cottage garden landscaping. Learn simple steps to turn a drab outdoor space into a fabulous garden retreat.

2: Start by defining your garden style and choosing plants that thrive in your region. Add whimsical touches like fairy lights and vintage decorations.

3: Create different areas within your garden, such as a herb garden or a seating area. Add pathways and hedges for a charming cottage feel.

4: Incorporate a variety of flowers for color and fragrance. Mix annuals and perennials for continuous blooms throughout the season.

5: Consider adding a water feature, like a birdbath or a small pond, to attract wildlife and create a tranquil atmosphere.

6: Add a focal point, like a trellis or an arbor, to provide visual interest and vertical dimension to your garden.

7: Include a mix of textures and heights to create a dynamic and inviting garden space. Incorporate elements like stone, wood, and metal for added charm.

8: Maintain your garden with regular watering, weeding, and mulching. Prune and deadhead plants to keep them looking their best.

9: Enjoy the beauty of your cottage garden retreat. Sit back, relax, and watch as your garden grows and evolves into a peaceful oasis for you to enjoy.