1: "Create a charming cottage garden with limited budget using these affordable tips and tricks."

2: "Start by selecting budget-friendly plants like perennials and annuals for a colorful display."

3: "Incorporate recycled materials like pallets and old containers for unique garden decor on a dime."

4: "DIY garden furniture and accessories using thrift store finds and basic woodworking skills."

5: "Opt for natural mulch options like leaves and grass clippings to save on landscaping costs."

6: "Maximize space by planting vertically with trellises and hanging baskets for a lush cottage garden."

7: "Utilize companion planting techniques to deter pests and reduce the need for expensive pesticides."

8: "Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garden looking its best without breaking the bank."

9: "Get creative with upcycled garden art and whimsical touches to personalize your cottage garden oasis."