1: "The beauty of a butterfly garden lies in its colorful blooms and butterfly-friendly plants."

2: "Choose nectar-rich flowers like milkweed and butterfly bush to attract a variety of butterfly species."

3: "Provide host plants for butterflies to lay eggs, such as parsley and dill for swallowtails."

4: "Include a water source like a shallow dish of water with pebbles for butterflies to drink."

5: "Avoid pesticides to protect butterflies and their caterpillars from harm."

6: "Plant in sunny spots with shelter from wind to create a welcoming habitat for butterflies."

7: "Add a variety of heights and textures to provide shelter and resting spots for butterflies."

8: "Maintain your garden by deadheading flowers and removing weeds to keep it inviting for butterflies."

9: "Enjoy the beauty and wonder of butterflies fluttering around your garden by creating a butterfly-friendly oasis."