1: "Welcome to a Bird-Friendly Backyard! Explore how to attract feathered friends with the right landscaping choices."

2: "Create a natural habitat by planting native trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for birds."

3: "Install bird feeders and baths to encourage birds to visit your backyard regularly for food and water."

4: "Add nest boxes and birdhouses to give birds a safe place to raise their young in your backyard."

5: "Include water features like ponds or birdbaths to attract different species of birds to your backyard."

6: "Avoid using pesticides and chemicals in your yard to protect birds from harmful toxins."

7: "Minimize outdoor lighting to reduce light pollution and help birds navigate safely at night."

8: "Control your outdoor cat's activities to protect birds from becoming prey in your backyard."

9: "Join local birdwatching groups and learn more about creating a bird-friendly habitat in your backyard."