1: Spruce up your yard with these 12 low-maintenance shrubs that will enhance your landscape effortlessly.

2: Discover the beauty of dwarf fothergilla, a compact shrub perfect for adding color and texture to your garden.

3: Add some charm with boxwood, an evergreen shrub that requires minimal care and provides year-round greenery.

4: Japanese spirea is a lovely shrub that blooms with delicate flowers and offers easy upkeep for your outdoor space.

5: Transform your landscape with potentilla, a versatile shrub known for its vibrant blooms and low maintenance requirements.

6: Get creative with globe blue spruce, a unique shrub that adds a touch of elegance and character to any garden.

7: Brighten up your yard with sweetspire, a compact shrub that boasts beautiful white flowers and thrives in various conditions.

8: Consider planting summersweet, a fragrant shrub that attracts butterflies and requires little maintenance for a stunning display.

9: Bring color to your landscape with viburnum, a hardy shrub that produces clusters of vibrant flowers and is easy to care for.