1: Formal Landscaping: Symmetrical designs, clean lines, manicured lawns.

2: Informal Landscaping: Natural, relaxed, wildflower gardens, curved pathways.

3: Formal Landscaping: Perfectly pruned hedges, structured flower beds, precise arrangements.

4: Informal Landscaping: Taller grasses, meandering pathways, random plant placement.

5: Formal Landscaping: Classic statues, ornate fountains, sophisticated planters.

6: Informal Landscaping: Rustic elements, bird feeders, casual seating areas.

7: Formal Landscaping: Regal topiaries, elegant trellises, carefully selected color schemes.

8: Informal Landscaping: Cozy fire pits, whimsical garden art, eclectic mix of plants.

9: Choose the style that best suits your personality and preferences for your outdoor oasis.