1: Traditional Garden Landscaping Choose plants that thrive in your region and complement your traditional garden style.

2: Consider the Sunlight Select plants that require the appropriate amount of sunlight for your garden's location.

3: Soil Quality Matters Ensure your plants will flourish by selecting those that thrive in your garden's soil type.

4: Plant Size and Shape Choose plants that fit the scale and structure of your traditional garden landscape.

5: Seasonal Interest Select plants that offer year-round interest to keep your garden looking beautiful in every season.

6: Color and Texture Create a harmonious design by choosing plants with complementary colors and textures.

7: Maintenance Needs Consider the time and effort required to care for your chosen plants before selecting them.

8: Wildlife Attraction Select plants that attract beneficial wildlife to your garden, such as pollinators and birds.

9: Personal Preference Ultimately, choose plants that you love and will enjoy tending to in your traditional garden.