1: "Begin by clearing the area and selecting low-maintenance plants for your Japanese Zen garden."

2: "Incorporate natural elements like rocks, gravel, and water features for a peaceful ambiance."

3: "Use simple and clean lines in your garden design to mimic the serenity of Japanese Zen gardens."

4: "Choose drought-tolerant plants to reduce the need for frequent watering and maintenance."

5: "Add pathways and stepping stones for easy access and a sense of tranquility in your garden."

6: "Create a focal point, such as a small bridge or traditional lantern, for visual interest."

7: "Include elements of symmetry and balance to enhance the Zen aesthetic of your garden."

8: "Prune plants regularly and keep surfaces clean to maintain the simplicity and order of your Japanese Zen garden."

9: "Enjoy the peace and tranquility of your low-maintenance Japanese Zen garden landscape year-round."