1: Title: Introduction to Cottage Gardening Learn how to create a stunning cottage garden on a budget with our helpful tips and tricks.

2: Title: Choosing the Right Plants Select budget-friendly plants like daisies, lavender, and roses for a vibrant cottage garden.

3: Title: DIY Garden Bed Creation Repurpose old containers or pallets to create charming garden beds for your cottage garden.

4: Title: Creating a Focal Point Add a quaint wooden bench or trellis to create a focal point in your cottage garden.

5: Title: Incorporating Vintage Decor Scour thrift stores for vintage items like watering cans and lanterns to add charm to your garden.

6: Title: Mulching and Watering Tips Use organic mulch to retain moisture and water your garden in the morning for best results.

7: Title: Attracting Wildlife Encourage birds and butterflies with bird baths, feeders, and native plants in your cottage garden.

8: Title: Maintaining Your Garden Regularly prune and deadhead plants to keep your cottage garden looking neat and beautiful.

9: Title: Enjoying Your Cottage Garden Relax in your stunning cottage garden and admire the beauty you've created on a budget.