1: "Start by clearing debris and dead plants to maintain a clean woodland garden landscape year-round."

2: "Prune trees and shrubs regularly to keep them healthy and encourage new growth in your woodland garden."

3: "Mulch around plants to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve the overall aesthetic of your woodland garden."

4: "Monitor soil moisture levels and adjust watering as needed to ensure your woodland garden thrives in all seasons."

5: "Plant native species to attract beneficial wildlife and enhance biodiversity in your woodland garden landscape."

6: "Consider adding a water feature or bird feeder to bring even more life and interest to your woodland garden."

7: "Regularly inspect for pests and diseases to catch issues early and prevent them from spreading in your woodland garden."

8: "Add seasonal flowers and foliage to keep your woodland garden looking fresh and vibrant throughout the year."

9: "Stay on top of maintenance tasks and enjoy the beauty of your woodland garden all year long with these simple tips."