1: Not Changing Nectar Regularly Keep hummingbirds healthy by freshening nectar every 2-3 days to prevent mold growth.

2: Using Red Dye in Nectar Avoid harmful chemicals like red dye in nectar - stick to natural sugar and water mix.

3: Overfilling Nectar Containers Don't overfill feeders to prevent spoilage and attract unwanted insects.

4: Placing Feeders in Direct Sunlight Shade feeders to prevent nectar fermentation and preserve hummingbird health.

5: Using Dirty Feeder Regularly clean feeders with vinegar to prevent harmful mold and bacteria growth.

6: Ignoring Hummingbird Food Spoilage Remove spoiled nectar to keep hummingbirds healthy and prevent disease spread.

7: Not Providing Enough Feeding Stations Place multiple feeders to prevent overcrowding and territorial disputes among hummingbirds.

8: Neglecting to Maintain Feeder Parts Check and clean feeder parts regularly to ensure proper function and avoid potential contamination.

9: Including Artificial Sweeteners in Nectar Only use natural sugars in nectar to ensure hummingbirds receive proper nutrition and stay healthy.