1: Introduction to Japanese Zen Gardens. Explore the history and importance of these peaceful landscapes.

2: Elements of a Zen Garden. Learn about the essential components like rocks, gravel, and plants.

3: Design Principles. Discover the balance, simplicity, and harmony that define Zen garden landscaping.

4: Choosing Plants. Explore traditional options like bamboo, ferns, and moss for your garden.

5: Rock Arrangement. Learn how to position rocks to create a sense of calm and balance.

6: Gravel Patterns. Understand the significance of raked gravel and how to create different patterns.

7: Water Features. Explore the use of ponds, streams, and waterfalls in Zen garden design.

8: Maintenance Tips. Learn how to care for your Zen garden all year round.

9: Creating Your Zen Garden. Get step-by-step instructions for designing and constructing your own peaceful oasis.