1: "Create a cozy ambience in your Mediterranean garden with string lights draped along pergolas and trees."

2: "Illuminate pathways with lanterns or solar-powered stake lights for a warm and inviting atmosphere."

3: "Highlight architectural features with uplights or spotlights for a dramatic effect after dark."

4: "Add a touch of romance with candlelit lanterns or hanging pendants for intimate evenings outdoors."

5: "Enhance the natural beauty of your garden with LED strip lights hidden among plants and flowers."

6: "Define outdoor dining areas with overhead string lights for a magical setting during dinner parties."

7: "Create a Mediterranean oasis with Moroccan-style lanterns or mosaic lamps for a bohemian vibe."

8: "Transform your garden into a tranquil retreat with underwater pond lights or fountain illumination."

9: "Elevate your outdoor space with a mix of lighting elements to bring your Mediterranean garden to life."