1: Low water landscaping is a sustainable choice for transforming your front yard. Save money and resources with drought-tolerant plants.

2: Maximize curb appeal by incorporating native plants and artificial turf for a lush, water-wise landscape.

3: Ditch traditional grass lawns for gravel or mulch beds with succulents and cacti for a low-maintenance, eco-friendly yard.

4: Create a focal point with a water feature that recycles rainwater or use a drip irrigation system to efficiently water your plants.

5: Incorporate hardscaping elements like rocks, pavers, and pathways to add texture and visual interest to your front yard.

6: Design a xeriscape garden with drought-resistant plants like lavender, sage, and yarrow to enhance your home's curb appeal.

7: Plant trees strategically to provide shade and reduce water usage while adding beauty and value to your landscaping.

8: Install a rain barrel or cistern to collect and store rainwater for watering your plants, reducing your reliance on city water.

9: Consult with a landscape designer to create a unique and sustainable front yard that reflects your personal style and values.