1: Enhance your outdoor space with stunning Mediterranean rock garden ideas. Incorporate colorful succulents and drought-tolerant plants for a low-maintenance oasis.

2: Create a serene atmosphere by using natural stone pathways and decorative pebbles in your Mediterranean rock garden design. Add terracotta pots for a rustic touch.

3: Integrate elements like a bubbling fountain or a cozy seating area to enhance the charm of your Mediterranean rock garden. Choose plants that thrive in sunny, dry conditions.

4: Embrace the beauty of Mediterranean landscaping with cascading vines and aromatic herbs. Design a rock garden that reflects the vibrant colors of the region's natural landscapes.

5: Incorporate Mediterranean-inspired features like a pergola or a mosaic tile accent wall in your rock garden design. Balance the use of rocks and plants for a harmonious look.

6: Opt for sculptural cacti and resilient olive trees to add a touch of authenticity to your Mediterranean rock garden. Utilize raised beds for a layered and textured appearance.

7: Infuse your rock garden with a variety of textures and shapes, such as smooth river rocks and jagged boulders. Include drought-resistant agaves and lavender for a fragrant touch.

8: Blend elements of Mediterranean architecture, such as wrought iron accents and stucco walls, into your rock garden for a cohesive design. Incorporate architectural plants like yuccas and palms.

9: Transform your outdoor space into a Mediterranean paradise with these rock garden ideas. Incorporate elements of the region's iconic landscapes to create a tranquil and inviting retreat.