1: Discover the beauty of Mediterranean trees, from olive to figs, and beyond.

2: Olive trees symbolize peace and prosperity, with their signature silver-green leaves.

3: Figs are a sweet treat from the Mediterranean, bursting with flavor and nutrients.

4: Cypress trees stand tall in the Mediterranean landscape, adding elegance and shade.

5: Lemon trees bring a refreshing scent and vibrant yellow fruit to Mediterranean gardens.

6: Almond trees bloom with delicate pink and white flowers, announcing the arrival of spring.

7: Pomegranate trees offer juicy, antioxidant-rich fruits that are a staple in Mediterranean cuisine.

8: Lavender fields in the Mediterranean fill the air with a soothing aroma, attracting bees and butterflies.

9: Explore the diverse and stunning beauty of Mediterranean trees, from olives and figs to cypress and more.