1: "Create a pet-friendly patio with durable, non-toxic materials like natural stone or concrete."

2: "Incorporate low-maintenance plants like succulents and grasses that are safe for pets to be around."

3: "Install a secure fence or barrier to keep your pets safe and prevent them from wandering off."

4: "Add a designated pet area with a comfy bed, water bowl, and toys for them to enjoy."

5: "Consider using pet-safe repellents to keep pests away from your patio and garden."

6: "Opt for furniture that is easy to clean and resistant to pet hair and scratches."

7: "Create shade with umbrellas or awnings to protect your pets from the sun's harmful rays."

8: "Include a pet-friendly feature like a small pond or fountain for your furry friends to enjoy."

9: "Keep your patio clean and free of debris to provide a safe and inviting space for your pets to relax and play."