1: What Are Rain Gardens? Learn how rain gardens capture stormwater to prevent runoff and help the environment.

2: Benefits of Rain Gardens Discover how rain gardens reduce pollution, recharge groundwater, and support biodiversity.

3: Designing Your Rain Garden Find out how to choose the right location, size, and plants for your rain garden.

4: Installing a Rain Garden Learn step-by-step instructions for creating a rain garden in your yard or community.

5: Maintenance Tips for Rain Gardens Explore ways to keep your rain garden healthy and functioning properly all year round.

6: Rain Gardens vs. Traditional Gardens Learn the key differences between rain gardens and traditional gardens in terms of water management.

7: Rain Gardens for Urban Areas Find out how rain gardens can benefit cities by reducing flooding and improving water quality.

8: DIY Rain Garden Projects Get inspired by creative ideas for incorporating rain gardens into your landscaping.

9: Rain Garden Success Stories Read about real-life examples of successful rain gardens making a positive impact on the environment.