1: "Create a serene oasis with natural stone and vibrant plants. Rock garden designs blend beauty and functionality."

2: "Explore rock garden ideas for small spaces. Use rocks of varying sizes and shapes for visual interest."

3: "Incorporate water features into your rock garden design. Fountains and streams add a tranquil ambiance."

4: "Mix in succulents and cacti for a low-maintenance rock garden. Drought-tolerant plants thrive in rocky environments."

5: "Consider creating a rock garden on a slope. Terraced design allows for unique planting opportunities."

6: "Enhance your rock garden with ornamental grasses and shrubs. Layering plants adds depth and texture."

7: "Utilize colorful rocks and pebbles to highlight your design. Create patterns or borders for a polished look."

8: "Incorporate seating areas into your rock garden. Relax amongst nature with strategically placed benches or chairs."

9: "Experiment with different rock arrangements. Create a focal point with a boulder or sculptural rock feature."