1: Discover the beauty of rooftop gardens with our design ideas. Create a green oasis in the sky.

2: Utilize vertical space with cascading plants and flowers. Grow herbs and vegetables in raised beds.

3: Consider structural weight limits and proper drainage for a successful rooftop garden. Choose lightweight materials for containers.

4: Add seating and lighting for a cozy atmosphere. Install a pergola for shade and privacy.

5: Incorporate water features like fountains or ponds for a tranquil setting. Create a bird-friendly environment with feeders and baths.

6: Use trellises and arbors for vertical gardening options. Embrace native plants for low-maintenance and eco-friendly choices.

7: Enhance your rooftop garden with colorful containers and hanging baskets. Mix textures and heights for visual interest.

8: Design a sustainable garden with composting and rainwater harvesting. Install drip irrigation for efficient watering.

9: Transform your rooftop into a stylish retreat with our design tips. Elevate your outdoor living space with a rooftop garden.