1: Small Space Landscaping - Transform your tiny outdoor space with clever design solutions.

2: Utilize Vertical Space - Hang plants and shelves to add greenery without cluttering the ground.

3: Create Levels - Use raised beds, step planters, and terracing to add depth and interest.

4: Mix and Match Plants - Combine different textures, colors, and sizes for a dynamic look.

5: Opt for Dwarf Varieties - Choose compact plants that won't overwhelm your small garden.

6: Incorporate Mirrors - Reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space with strategically placed mirrors.

7: Define Areas - Use borders, pathways, and hedges to divide your garden into functional zones.

8: Add Pops of Color - Bright flowers, pots, and cushions can liven up a small outdoor space.

9: Keep it Simple - Less is more when it comes to small space landscaping, so stick to a cohesive design.