1: Create a pet-friendly oasis with small space landscaping. Incorporate raised planters and mulched areas for your furry friends to enjoy.

2: Consider adding a designated pet area with artificial turf or gravel for easy clean-up. Install a low, picket fence to keep pets safe.

3: Include pet-friendly plants like cat grass, herbs, and dwarf shrubs. Utilize vertical space with hanging planters and trellises to maximize greenery.

4: Opt for pet-safe materials like natural stone, cedar, and composite decking. Add a water feature or shallow pond for pets to cool off.

5: Designate a shady spot for pets to relax and cool off. Install a pet-friendly pathway using stepping stones or gravel for easy navigation.

6: Create a sensory garden with herbs and flowers for pets to explore. Incorporate pathways for pets to roam freely without damaging plants.

7: Plant a variety of textures and scents for pets to enjoy. Add a sunning spot for pets to bask in the warmth during the day.

8: Choose pet-friendly ground cover like clover, thyme, or moss to create a soft surface for pets to play. Avoid toxic plants like lilies and azaleas.

9: Personalize your pet-friendly garden with their favorite toys and resting spots. Add a pergola or shade sail for pets to retreat from the sun.