1: Discover creative ways to design small spaces with eco-friendly recycled materials for a sustainable landscape.

2: Transform your compact garden using reclaimed wood, old tires, and leftover bricks for a unique and green look.

3: Learn how to repurpose glass bottles, tin cans, and pallets to create functional and beautiful planters in your eco garden.

4: Utilize broken concrete pieces and discarded stones to build paths, retaining walls, and other structures in your small space.

5: Incorporate salvaged metal, plastic containers, and old furniture into your landscaping for a modern and environmentally friendly touch.

6: Enhance the biodiversity of your eco garden by incorporating recycled materials that attract beneficial insects and wildlife.

7: Embrace the beauty of upcycled materials like old windows, doors, and shutters to add charm and character to your outdoor space.

8: Make a statement with unique features such as recycled glass mulch, metal sculptures, and salvaged fountain elements in your garden.

9: Create a sustainable oasis in your small space by using recycled materials creatively to minimize waste and protect the environment.