1: Discover the beauty of stone walls landscaping with our beginner's guide. No experience needed to start transforming your outdoor space!

2: Choosing the right stones is key to a successful landscaping project. Start small and work your way up to larger walls.

3: Prepare the area by clearing out debris and leveling the ground. Proper foundation is essential for long-lasting stone walls.

4: Gather your tools - gloves, shovel, and stones of your choice. Get ready to create a unique and stunning landscape feature.

5: Begin by laying the first layer of stones on a leveled base. Take your time and ensure each stone is securely in place.

6: Continue stacking the stones, interlocking them for stability. Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns and shapes.

7: Fill in the gaps with small stones or gravel for a finished look. Step back and admire your handiwork as the wall takes shape.

8: Add plants and flowers to soften the look of the stone walls. Create a natural and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space.

9: Maintain your stone walls by checking for any loose stones or damage. With practice, you'll become a pro at stone walls landscaping.