1: Introduction to Sustainable Mediterranean Gardening Discover the beauty and benefits of sustainable practices in Mediterranean gardening.

2: Benefits of Sustainable Gardening Reduce water usage and promote biodiversity by embracing sustainable gardening methods.

3: Water Conservation Techniques Learn how to collect rainwater and use drip irrigation to conserve water in your Mediterranean garden.

4: Native Plant Selection Choose drought-resistant native plants to create a low-maintenance and eco-friendly garden.

5: Composting and Mulching Improve soil health and reduce waste by composting and mulching in your Mediterranean garden.

6: Organic Pest Control Protect your garden ecosystem by using natural remedies and beneficial insects for pest control.

7: Sustainable Garden Design Create a beautiful and functional garden using sustainable design principles in the Mediterranean style.

8: Maintenance Tips Save time and resources by following sustainable maintenance practices for your Mediterranean garden.

9: Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor Savor the sustainable beauty of your Mediterranean garden while supporting the local ecosystem.