1: Dos: Choose a variety of colorful flowers and plants for a whimsical look that embodies the cottage garden style.

2: Don'ts: Avoid using synthetic chemicals in your garden to keep it natural and environmentally friendly.

3: Dos: Incorporate fragrant herbs like lavender and rosemary for a sensory experience in your garden.

4: Don'ts: Skip the use of pesticides to encourage beneficial insects and pollinators to thrive in your garden.

5: Dos: Add a touch of whimsy with unique garden features like rustic wooden benches and homemade birdhouses.

6: Don'ts: Overcrowd your garden beds to allow for space for plants to grow and flourish.

7: Dos: Mix and match different textures and heights of plants to create visual interest and depth in your garden.

8: Don'ts: Neglect regular maintenance tasks like weeding and deadheading to keep your garden looking its best.

9: Dos: Embrace the natural charm of cottage garden landscaping with a mix of wildflowers and heirloom plants for a timeless and romantic feel.