1: Dos: Choose native plants for easy maintenance. Don'ts: Avoid overcrowding plants for better growth.

2: Dos: Incorporate water features for a relaxing feel. Don'ts: Skip overwatering, as it can harm plants.

3: Dos: Add pathways for easy navigation. Don'ts: Avoid using non-native invasive species.

4: Dos: Incorporate natural materials for a cohesive look. Don'ts: Skip neglecting regular pruning and weeding.

5: Dos: Utilize mulch to retain moisture and control weeds. Don'ts: Avoid excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

6: Dos: Create zones for different plant needs. Don'ts: Skip planting without considering sunlight exposure.

7: Dos: Install proper drainage to prevent waterlogging. Don'ts: Avoid over-designing, keep it simple.

8: Dos: Consider wind patterns when planting trees. Don'ts: Skip using non-eco-friendly materials.

9: Dos: Seek professional advice for best results. Don'ts: Avoid using artificial turf in tropical landscapes.