1: Creating a Rustic Oasis Transform your shaded garden with these perfect plants for a rustic vibe.

2: Ferns and Hostas Fill in shady spots with lush ferns and hostas for a natural feel.

3: Japanese Painted Fern Add a pop of color with Japanese painted ferns in your garden.

4: Coral Bells Brighten up dark corners with the vibrant foliage of coral bells.

5: Lily of the Valley Fragrant and delicate, lily of the valley thrives in shade.

6: Astilbe Bring elegance to your garden with feathery astilbe blooms.

7: Bleeding Heart Create a romantic touch with bleeding heart flowers in the shade.

8: Lamium Groundcover lamium adds texture and color to shaded areas.

9: Virginia Bluebells Enjoy the bell-shaped blooms of Virginia bluebells in your rustic garden.