1: Avoid cluttering space with too many elements. Simplify design for peaceful ambiance.

2: Overcrowding plants leads to maintenance challenges. Leave adequate spacing for growth.

3: Neglecting upkeep results in unkempt appearance. Regular care maintains Zen garden's beauty.

4: Ignoring natural elements disrupts harmony. Incorporate rocks, water features, and gravel mindfully.

5: Choosing inappropriate plants disrupts balance. Select indigenous species for low-maintenance options.

6: Neglecting symmetry throws off aesthetic balance. Strive for equilibrium in design layout.

7: Using artificial materials detracts from authenticity. Stick to natural elements for purity.

8: Lack of focal point diminishes impact. Create a central feature for visual interest and focus.

9: Failing to consider climate and environment leads to unsustainability. Adapt design to surroundings for longevity.