1: Step 1: Plan Your Garden Layout Visualize your dream garden with pathways, plant beds, and focal points.

2: Step 2: Start with Soil Preparation Test and amend your soil for optimal plant growth and health.

3: Step 3: Choose the Right Plants Select native or adapted plants for low maintenance and water conservation.

4: Step 4: Install Hardscaping Elements Add features like patios, arbors, or water features for structure and interest.

5: Step 5: Plant Your Garden Beds Place plants strategically based on their size, water, and sunlight requirements.

6: Step 6: Mulch and Fertilize Regularly Give your garden the nutrients it needs to thrive and suppress weeds.

7: Step 7: Water Wisely Establish a watering schedule and consider drip irrigation for efficient watering.

8: Step 8: Maintain and Prune Regularly trim plants, remove weeds, and keep your garden tidy for a beautiful look.

9: Enjoy Your Lush Garden! Sit back, relax, and admire the beauty of your traditional garden landscaping masterpiece.