1: The Hummingbird Nest The nest of a hummingbird is small and intricate, made of plant fibers and spider webs.

2: Inside the Nest Inside the nest, you'll find two tiny eggs in the shape of jelly beans.

3: Nest Location Hummingbird nests can be found in trees, shrubs, or even on a wind chime.

4: The Perfect Size Hummingbird nests are usually no bigger than a golf ball, perfectly sized for the tiny bird.

5: Nest Architecture The nest is woven with precision to provide a safe and cozy spot for the eggs.

6: Nest Fluff The inside of the nest is lined with soft materials like moss and feathers for warmth.

7: Nest Maintenance Hummingbirds constantly repair and clean their nests to ensure a safe environment for their young.

8: Fledging After about three weeks, the baby hummingbirds leave the nest, ready to explore the world.

9: Nest Reuse Hummingbirds may reuse their nests for multiple broods, adding layers each time.