1: Create a beautiful desert oasis with rocks, cacti, and succulents for a low-maintenance front yard.

2: Add a pop of color with drought-resistant flowers like lavender, yarrow, and salvia.

3: Incorporate a dry creek bed lined with pebbles and boulders for a natural and water-saving element.

4: Design a modern xeriscape using gravel, ornamental grasses, and agave plants for a contemporary look.

5: Include a rain garden with native plants to absorb excess water and reduce runoff.

6: Plant a variety of ornamental grasses like fountain grass, blue fescue, and muhly grass for texture and visual interest.

7: Create a Mediterranean-inspired landscape with olive trees, lavender, and rosemary for a touch of Europe in your front yard.

8: Utilize mulch made from recycled materials like rubber, wood chips, or cocoa bean shells for weed control and water retention.

9: Install a drip irrigation system to efficiently water your low water landscaping while conserving water resources.